Living Room Design Tips from Those in the Know

One of the biggest troubles of living room design is knowing what looks good where and with what. Style is something that only a few select people are born with, like an animal instinct. The top designers can enter a room and immediately see what is at fault. It is almost like a wonky picture, clear upon sight.

But what if you aren’t born with the designers sixth sense? How can you be completely sure that you are not making all of the mistakes that make your guests cringe in horror. The best way is by following the tried and tested advice from the experts, and soon you will see how simple it can be.

Here are twenty top tips from the experts:

  1. Seeing red

Many people relish the idea of having red wallpaper. And why not it is eye catching, vibrant and if pulled off can make a room into a fiery wonderland. The problem is balancing red can be a real issue and most of the time it is being done wrong. When done wrong it can become a literal eyesore and cause headaches.

But really the secret is quite simply about balance. By mixing in items of pure white you can make the room come alive. Designers recommend having white ornaments adorning your living room walls and lining the room with whit sideboards.

  1. Perfecting patterns

Like the colour red patterned prints on furniture or walls can look amazing if handled correctly. If done wrong your room can become a confusing labyrinth with the eyes spinning trying to find consistency.

Once again patterns are simple to master when you know how. Many people will think the secret is in finding identical patterns, but this is not the case. Instead it is the colours that matter, instead of similar patterns you should find a colour pattern and stick to it. Our top tip for patterned living room design is a mix of green and brown.

  1. Tranquillity corner

Modern living rooms have become quite noisy and hectic places. We have become obsessed with finding the biggest television and loudest surround sound. Whilst these flashy gadgets may seem wonderful at first they may soon become an eyesore.

Try to keep a small area of the room for relaxing. By simply dragging a comfy chair into a secluded corner you can provide a space for reflection. Whether you unwind by reading a book or getting crafty you can top this off with a stylish lamp.

  1. Table for two

Do you find yourself looking at your living room feeling like something is missing? There appears to be an empty void between the television and the sofa or even between chairs? Whilst it may sound old fashioned, no living room is complete without a coffee table or two.

They become essential when entertaining as they can be used for serving or playing games. They also open the space into a conversational arena. With a nice large table you will never be without a topic or two for conversation.

  1. Beware the Comfort Zone

Once you have found a living room design you are happy with it can be easy to think you are finished. But soon you will become complacent with the arrangement and you begin to feel trapped by the layout. This should never happen and entering should always be a delight.

Treat your home like anything in life and give it a shake up once in a while. You don’t need to purchase lavish ornaments every month, but try keeping spare cushion covers that can be mixed and matched to keep things fresh.

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  1. Warm Welcomes

Does your living room also serve as a welcoming area? This can be an issue in some rooms as the lines between living room and hallway become blurred.

This can be solved simply by defining the two areas as best as possible. Why not have feature wallpaper lining the wall that your front door opens to. Ensure that the living room area is rugged and the doorway bare. Careful positioning of furniture makes all the difference too.

  1. Back to Nature

It is amazing, or perhaps terrifying, how few living rooms incorporate some real floral displays. Yet even a simple bouquet can really make a room come alive.

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  1. Think Big

Oversized sofas can be great to relax on. Allowing you to stretch out and totally unwind. Unfortunately they can also stand out and make everything else in the room look miniscule.

Instead big furniture should be kept running along and wall and balanced with other big patterns or pictures.

  1. Can you make out my Accent?

This little tip was a well-kept secret amongst the pros until recently. By having a small portion of wall a different design you can give your room some serious flare.

  1. Sicking to the plan

Probably the greatest tip from the pros is about sticking to your guns. When you have found a colour palette or pattern theme you’re happy with stick to it. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb than an unmatched design.



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